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"Laurie is an excellent realtor. I immediately felt like I had the right person after selecting her randomly. I never looked for anyone else. I had to buy a house from another country, and she assisted me every step of the way. My entire family and I marveled at how generous she was with her time.  Not only her time, but she has a keen eye since she has a degree in architecture. I grew to trust her. She was honest when the house wasn't right for me, or it required too much work, even though she would have made a higher commission on the more expensive ones. I also loved it that I never felt "hustled" especially at Christmas time. Laurie was intuitive enough to step back and allow me to go through the usual ups and downs of doubt and fear, and she never pushed me. At the same time, she was always in step the minute I needed her. I've had five realtors in my life, and Laurie knocked it out of the park as number 1# in service, class, and being candid. I can't say enough high praises about her. And we 'landed' the perfect home for me!"

~ Soorya Townly


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